You Could Be Eating Cookies Right Now.

It’s been a long week of being an adult with grown-up responsibilities to deal with EVERY DAY. And with the return of the rain, a freshly baked cookie sure would hit the spot right about now. But who has the time or energy for that? 4 days ago you, that’s who!

We keep frozen cookie dough discs in the freezer ready to go for emergencies just like this! Long week? Bad day? Special occasion at work tomorrow? Unexpected company? Or just feel like treating yourself because, heck, you don’t need a reason??  Throw that frozen cookie dough in the oven and add an additional 2 minutes or so of baking time, and you’ll look (and feel) like the genius that you are. Planning ahead is so not overrated, and that dough will be good for a few weeks sealed up in your freezer (if it lasts that long).

So we’ll be enjoying some fresh cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookies this evening with almost no effort since we were super smart back on Sunday. You could be joining us – plan ahead and your future self will DEFINITELY thank you.

Milkbar’s Cornflake-Chcolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookies

Sun’s Out, Buns Out.

It’s been a really, really long winter. For everybody, not just here, we know. After the grueling marathon of holiday baking we put ourselves through every year, come January, we need a hiatus from the oven for the sake of our sanity and waistlines. However, by February, we start getting enough spring-like days to break up the winter weather, which means enough time has passed to forget about the holidays and we let the mixers come out of retirement. But not this year, no – winter has been cruel, which has prolonged the absence of baking.

But no longer! We’ve had 3 glorious days of sun and temps touching the 70s, so it’s officially baking season again, and inspiration is everywhere. Sunshine, Sunday, rhyming… cinnamon buns were calling out. Specifically, Christina Tosi’s amazingly tasty recipe from her Milk Bar Life cookbook.

There are some fantastic photos on the camera of these beauties right when they came out of the oven and had the icing melting oh so perfectly over them, but apparently the long, cold winter is making the camera not cooperate, and the photos are going to stay locked up there for now. So, in true Crying and Baking fasion, we’ve taken a crummy phone photo of the now cold and missing-two-because-we-thought-we-had-already-documented-them-perfectly-and-went-ahead-and-ate-some buns. There was yelling at the camera and eating yet another cinnamon bun to get over it, but we moved on. Promise.

Happy Pi* Day!

*or Crumble Day, if pie crust is one of those things that has always been a struggle, like it is for both of us. Someday we’ll get it right. So in an attempt to avoid a tantrum and/or spending extra hours on a mission that was failed from the get-go, blueberry crumble it is. Still delicious! And people ate it, so yeah, that counts as a Pi Day win.