Why We Keep Baking

Look, baking is not for everybody.  We hear plenty of cooks say, “baking is too strict and rigid for me – I need to be more creative, and go with the flow” or “there’s just too much room for error”.  That’s cool, and believe us, we know.  But we both appreciate how the correct ratios of ingredients and application of heat can produce incredible baked goods, and we respect how going rogue in that process will likely let you down.  Rule followers like us tend to thrive in this space, and find ways to let our creative side peek through without totally compromising the final product.  Most of the time, at least.

We learned early on that baking for yourself is fun and all, but baking for others is where the hobby becomes rewarding.  Folks are always happy to eat homemade baked goods when you’re sharing your leftovers or having them taste test your current project.  And people really feel special when you take the time to find out what they like and go out of your way to bake that goodie just for them.  We love showing our love through treats, both simple and elaborate.

The boxes of assorted holiday goodies that we bake, package, and hand out every year have become one of the things we’re known for, but it’s the bake sales we’ve organized or participated in over the years that are what we truly love doing most.  We’ve raised thousands of dollars for animal rescue groups, cancer research and treatment, schools… we even raised the money to ship three young lions to a local zoo.  True story.  

It’s taken us years of practice as home bakers to get to where we are, which is skilled enough to convince others that we actually know what we’re doing.  We still cry when we bake (and immediately tell each other when something goes wrong so we can own it/learn from it/add it to the list of mistakes made).  But it doesn’t stop us, and it shouldn’t stop you either.