Times We’ve Cried While Baking

Learn from our mistakes, or at least laugh at them with us! Seriously, we’ve had enough time and life experience to look back at these mishaps with humor, so it’s ok for you to do so as well. 

Often things go wrong when you’re baking – sometimes it’s something you can’t control, but most of the time it’s something you can, and that can destroy all your progress and self-confidence in the moment.  In our experience, you just cry your frustration out, reset, and get back to work, even if it means starting over from the beginning.  Like, “back at the grocery store” the beginning.  Feel free to share the times you’ve cried while baking below (this is a safe space and know that your stories are helping others).  Here’s a few of our greatest hits executed personally by the two of us or those in our immediate family (names of the offenders have been withheld to protect their baking reputations):

The dropped cheesecake.

SLIGHTLY rancid almonds in the macaroons.

DEFINITELY rancid grape seed oil in the birthday cake.

Roasted ginger in the ginger cookies.  Why would a grocery store even sell this and put it right next to the regular ground ginger?  It tastes like dirt.

Beet sugar instead of cane sugar in the butter cookies (trust us, it makes a difference when there are so few ingredients involved).

Burned sugar for marshmallows due to dog emergencies.  Twice.

Lemon meringue soup-in-a-pie shell.

Sugar-less pumpkin pie.  There was no sugar substitute – it was just omitted by error.

Apple fritters where the apples fell out of the fritter dough in the hot oil.

Icing 30 cookies before realizing there wasn’t any flavoring in the frosting.

Trying to bake in an oven that is off by 75 degrees over an extended period of time (because both the oven and the separate thermometer are wrong in opposite directions).

Destroying an old mixer with an especially tough batch of gingerbread.  It was one of those old spinning bowl mixers, but still.

COUNTLESS TIMES being underprepared with ingredients.  Or destroying the ingredients by accident when flailing around the kitchen.  So another grocery store run gets thrown in to your timeline.

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