Crush That Bake Sale

Now that you’ve got some confidence in your baking skills, have gotten constructive criticism on the recipes that you’ve tried out, and are ready to put your talents to work doing something positive in the world, it’s time to organize a good old-fashioned bake sale!

Enlist help from family/friends/coworkers who like to bake.  Don’t feel like you need to do this on your own!  We love it when people ask us to make something for their bake sales – it gives us a chance to do what we love in the kitchen and participate in the good karma without having to organize it ourselves.  Just make sure you keep track of what each person is making so you don’t end up with a table full of the same thing.  What a boring bake sale.

Advertise it!  Social media makes this so easy these days – Tweet it out, IG your progress, shout it out on FB.  And if you’re doing it at work?  Get the blessing of your manager or HR and then shake your coworkers down!  In our experience, holding a bake sale at work is great if you do it on a Friday, ESPECIALLY a pay day Friday.  Everybody is happy to throw down cash for treats heading into the weekend when they just got paid.  Or are going to a dinner party that evening.  Or are in charge of snacks at their kids’ soccer game the next morning.  You get it.

Have information about the organization you’re raising money for available to your customers.  Let them know why you care about what this group does.  Do you have a personal connection?  Tell us about it!  Raising funds for a huge event that you’re participating in on that organization’s behalf?  Let everybody know how much you need to raise and how they’re helping you get there!  Just really admire what they do?  That’s cool too!  You never know how your little bake sale may connect a cause with someone.  Have that info available at your bake sale, but be sure to include links to the organization’s website when you’re advertising.

Make sure you’re providing a good assortment of options for your customers.  A lot of people love chocolate, so you should probably have at least 2 chocolate options (like brownies, cupcakes, or a classic chocolate chip cookie).  If you’ve been dabbling in the art of confections, bust out some homemade candies.  Heck, offer a savory option – people love a cheesy option, or even homemade Chex Mix!  Think about dietary preferences/allergies and make sure you mark what is in each treat (wheat, nuts, dairy, etc).  You’d be surprise what items end up being the hit of the bake sale; just make sure you’re offering lots to choose from.

And for the love of carbohydrates, please make sure what you’re providing are all delicious treats to remember.  You’re asking folks to spend their hard-earned cash and calories, so those goodies had better be worth it.  Dust off an old classic that you KNOW you’ve mastered.  Ask your Grandma to whip up a batch of her famous cookies for you.  If you’re thinking it’s time to try something new, practice it first!  Take the time to decorate and package your treats so they look and feel special.  Remember, THIS IS FOR CHARITY.  Don’t you dare stop at the grocery store, pile some cupcakes on a plate, and try to pass them off as your own.  You won’t be fooling anybody.